MXM Projects

A few additional projects created at MXM.

iPhone App

Life in Life

What I did:

This app was designed for users to medidate through a few different interactive exercises.

This design was conceptual and was headed to move on to development, it has been put on hold for the time being.

PDF Wireframes Deck: View PDF

Responive Website

Santa's Academy

What I did: Lead UX research and design, low-fi wireframes for mobile and larger displays, simplified registration to increase ROI, created functional specifications

This responsive mobile site was intended for visitors to mall during Christmas time. The intention is for parents to log into the website on their mobile devices and sign up their child to Santa's Academy.

The major challenges were gathering user information in an easy step-by-step process that did not overwhelm the user. I wanted information saved incrementally, with the least amount of form fields needed. Dropdown menus are the last resort when designing a form. User tests proved very successful.

UX Tools

Applications used on these project

These wires would need to be done quickly and often times needed to be interactive. The wires would need to be exported easily to PDF for offline viewing.

For the wireframes, Axure RP 7 was used for the wires and interactive prototype.

Omnigraffle was also used for a couple projects.InVision was used to produce interactive prototypes for client meetings and testing.