Pharmaceutical Responsive Web Projects

I have designed many pharmaceutical website for agencies over the years. I enjoy the challenge of taking a complicated topic and creating a site that communicates it's message and delivers value to visitors in a easy to understand and functional way.

Responsive Website

Imfinzi - Day0/Day120

This design was for a Day 0 and Day 120 drug. It involved having a day 0 version of the site, which would eventually be added to at day 120.

The major challenge for this project was the fact that the site needed to be designed for different points in time. Content changes as the drug is approved. To avoid redesigns and save on development time, I designed a single template that could be expanded on to the additional indications. This one is for Bladder, later on head and neck, lung and pancreas would be added. Additionally, there would be a consumer facing version of the site. This one is for Health Care Providers.

PDF Wireframes Deck: View PDF

Multi-site Platform

Acthar SARC Patient Site

What I did: Lead UX research and design, simplified registration process, low-fi prototype and wireframes.

PDF Wireframes Deck: View PDF

Live site:

UX Tools

Applications used on these project

These wires would need to be done quickly and often times needed to be interactive. The wires would need to be exported easily to PDF for offline viewing.

For the wireframes, Axure RP 7 was used for the wires and interactive prototype.

Omnigraffle was also used for a couple projects.InVision was used to produce interactive prototypes for client meetings and testing.