Daniel Sanchez is a User Experience Designer in New York City.

I am a New Yorker native, I started designing graphics and web sites early on. It was fun to see what I could do with Photoshop, text, images and code.

I would design banner ads and landing pages for a software company. Initially the design team did not interact too much with ad sales, but I found it interesting to see how well my designs did once out in the world. I wanted to see how well my designs did.

Some did well, others did not. Some which I expected to do really well did not. This was frustrating, especially when I would see old designs that were not that attractive do really well. This really piqued my interest. What exactly was this design doing? How could I get predictable results?

This is when I started to understand the importance of user centered design. Designing for the user, and making sure the design is conforming to them, instead of them needing to conform to the design.

Since then I have been obsessed with designing websites, apps, large touch displays, convention booths, that will deliver on its goals, and doing it in such a way that is a pleasant and easy experience to its audience.

Resume (PDF)

“Daniel worked with and between teams knowledgeably and capably and applied his expert use of Axure to the project efficiently and quickly. He worked so well that he came in ahead of the deadline and the final product was well-received internally and with the client. I would hire him back in an instant.”

— Paul Stonick · Senior Art Director, Viacom

“Daniel provided superlative UX and IA consulting services to dLife. His thoughtful approach, strong communication skills and collaborative, congenial attitude were greatly appreciated by the entire project team. His work on the project clearly increased the end user satisfaction of the project.”

— Sidney Fein · Senior Technology Executive at Dlife

“Daniel, worked in my team as a web-designer/graphics artist as part of our Multi-Channel Marketing program. I found Daniel to be quick in completing tasks and having a deeper technical depth than general graphic designers. Daniel also thinks through various solutions to try to solve the problem!”

— Imran Haque · Head of Digital Strategy, eCom, CRM and OmniChannel Marketing atPfizer